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With Joy In Mind

With Joy In Mind honors the nature of one’s dance as an avenue for developing the whole person, and in this sense, including, and not limited to, healing.  The JIM collaborates with the CG Jung Institute of Chicago to offer a pair of workshops applying Jung’s practice of Active Imagination to areas of concern in one’s dancing life.  All sessions are led by artists, art therapists and Jungian Analysts addressing the non-separateness of body/mind and art/healing.  With Joy In Mind classes are open to all level movers and is not a drop in class.

Members must register for these classes in advance for an additional fee of $25 per day.


Friday, June 30
@ CG Jung Institute of Chicago, 53 W. Jackson Blvd., Ste 438

10:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. 
Nurturing Your Creative Life
Led by Mary Dougherty
Level: Open

In traditional societies, people created what we call art in the form of rituals and objects in order to assist them through crucial life transitions.  By ritualizing these crises through making images, both the individual and the members of the group were empowered to confront reality and to come to terms with existence.

In this seminar, we will make use of journal writing and image making exercises in order to explore how your creative practice informs and enriches your life as well as find ways to deepen that practice in relationship to the life of the community.

We will reference the works of CG Jung as well as feminist poets and thinkers to nurture further insights and actions.



Friday, July 14
@ CG Jung Institute of Chicago, 53 W. Jackson Blvd., Ste 438
10:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Dancing All of Our Days
Led by Caryl Pripusich
Level: Open
This day of practice will use the expressive art of SANDTRAY as its medium for exploration.  Sandtray is a nonverbal modality founded by Jungian, Dora Kalff in the l950’s.  By “playing in the sand”, making sand pictures with miniature objects, Dora Kalff believed people could find healing through this creative act of making a Sandtray and working with their inner images.  Through the therapeutic relationship, over time, the sandtray maker begins to work with unconscious processes that may lead to transformation of fears, longings, and cravings.

In today’s basic Sandtray workshop, you will make 2-3 individual sandtrays to help explore your ideas of aging and its impact on dancing.  Attitudes about our aging bodies will be addressed and encouraged in a creative way to deepen our understanding of this life long phenomenon.  Tara Brach’s Buddhist Meditations will be used to bring you into a state of meditation as we work in the sandtray.  By being present to our body, to our “field of sensations”, and by allowing both our fears and joys to be seen we can truly open our awareness to accept and change our attitudes of aging.  Bring a journal and wear comfortable clothes.  We will work in large and small groups throughout the day.