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JIM Class

JIM Class releases notions of “rightness” that dampen sensations of joy.  Each class creates an opportunity to engage one’s physical and emotional intellect to move beyond comparative views of better than, less than and equal to.  Classes include phrasework, improvisation and movement techniques that connect one’s internal and external experience.  JIM Classes are accompanied by a live musician and open for drop-in attendance to experienced level movers.

Week One: June 26 – June 29

10:00 – 12:00
Led by Darrell Jones and Accompanied by Hamid Drake
Level: Experienced

Sissy:  …a timid man or boy considered childish or unassertive
Vop:  … a high-spirited kick tossed in the air
Sissy Vop is a collection of training counter rituals aimed at releasing enculturated oppressions in the body. Going to the edge of our physical limits is important for this release, and attendees will enter through a combination of rigor, rhythm and recuperative practices. Through training in (e)feminized movement modalities, sparring scores, solo states and group provocations, we will address the body and performance space as a site for transgression, transcendence and transformation.


Week Two: July 3 – July 6
10:00 – 12:00
Led by Melinda Myers and Accompanied by Ryan Packard
Level: Experienced

This class incorporates release-based movement exercises on the floor, standing and across the space.  We will improvise in solo and group forms, utilize our breath and voices, and culminate with large choreographic phrase-work.  This time together will fluctuate between the open, free and explorative to the detailed, specific and complicated.


Week Three: July 10 – July 13

10:00 – 12:00
Led by Kristina Fluty and Accompanied by Michael Zerang
Level: Experienced

This class will often begin on the floor, moving through developmental movement patterns in playful and rigorous phrases. Dancers then evolve up and out into complex internal/external explorations of moving through space. This class encourages embracing individual approaches while offering potential pathways for deeper connectivity and expanded expressivity.  The phrases created in class will be threaded together and shown at the In Formal showing on Friday, July 14th for class participants interested in sharing them for an audience.