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In Formal Showings

In Formal Showings happen every Friday night and give JIM faculty a chance to share their creative work in performance.  The evenings consist of range of work including, performance research, spontaneous compositions, works in progress and heavily refined choreographed work.  

The JIM organizers have decided play with these evenings and encourage all to attend these In Formal Showings in formal wear.  Formal wear for this purpose includes, and is not limited to, the fancier items hanging in your closet, your favorite informal cozy cotton and/or the random and un-pairable item that brings you joy!

This evening is included to celebrate Every Body as we join in the act of sharing, being vulnerable and showing our community what we find beautiful.  Playing with your dress is an invitation, not an obligation.  It is yet another avenue of expression where we can intentionally cultivate joy in ourselves and our community. 

In Formal Showings are free to Full Membership holders and open to all Weekly Members on the Friday of their chosen week.  It is also open to interested public for $5.  All tickets are available beginning at 7:00 pm the evening of the show and is first come first served general admission.   


Friday, June 30 – 7:30
Darrell Jones & Michelle Boule
Precious Jennings & Raul Cotaquispe
Molly Shanahan


Friday, July 7 – 7:30
Lisa Gonzales &  Andrea Olson, Awakening Grace: Three Somatic Tools
Molly Shanahan & Margi Cole


Friday, July 14 – 7:30
Kristina Fluty, Class Phrases
Sarah Gottlieb & Annie Rudnik
Onye Ozuzu, Technology of the Circle