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The JIM realizes critical learning can happen outside of the academy.  It also realizes it can happen outside of the studio.  The series, Dance Box asks artists to engage the edges of their beliefs and encounter self-defining views that shape one’s dancing and its relationship to the world outside of the studio.  It acknowledges the virtue of safety and containment as necessary for growth as well as the pitfalls of isolation and exclusion that are currently woven into many of our formal creative educations.  It upholds conversation and experimentation of forms that dissolve absolutes, and encourages participants to include what exists in the people and places just outside the space they practice. 

Due to their nature, all Dance Box Fridays are limited to 12 members.  Class is open to all level movers and is first come first served.  Please rsvp to


Friday, June 30
10:00 – 5:00
Run – The Void – Endurance
Led by Victoria Bradford
Level: Open
In endurance running, I have had to learn to accept the virtue of slowness, of not reaching my potential at any given moment. I have not only acquired a peace or “void” while running, but also the void of coming to peace with discomfort: “Not to exercise all the power at one’s disposal is to endure the void. This is contrary to all the laws of nature. Grace alone can do it. Grace fills empty spaces but it can only enter where there is a void to receive it, and it is grace itself which makes this void.” —Simone Weil

On June 30 from 10am to 5pm, we will endure. We will cross this city on foot, running, walking, shifting our energy in a cadence we define as endurable. We will come to know the rhythm of our bodies as they thump against the pavement and breathe in the air. We will feel ourselves in sway with the sounds of the city around us, the movement of wind, debris, pedestrian, vehicle. We will navigate terrain like expert explorers, our form and our function in an unconscious momentum with our stride.

This will be a run not a race. Everyone is welcome to join. Care for your body includes good shoes, athletic running or tennis shoes, and water. More instructions to follow registration.


Friday, July 7
10:00 – 5:00
Led by Bryan Saner
Level: Open
The world outside the theater intervenes and affects our performance intentions. The stage at Hamlin Park is not separate from the neighborhood. We will perform a walk in the neighborhood.  The word “perform” here is used as a way of indicating awareness and attention to our bodies’ actions. We will create and use a set of philosophical and social lenses to see the neighborhood.  The purpose is to make our bodies aware of our environment. The neighborhood around Hamlin Park is recreational and residential. It includes the North Branch of the Chicago River and Lathrop Homes. Our bodies need practice seeing and responding to the places, environments and social contexts that we perform in.  This is a chance for us to practice.  After the walk we will create and perform a collective response to the experience of being in the neighborhood. We will try to connect our body’s actions with the world of performance outside of the theater. How can we loosen our ego from our body and perform service to humanity?

*Please wear comfortable clothes, walking shoes and bring a bagged lunch.*


Friday, July 14
10:00 – 12:00
No Vacancy: Space/No Space, Words & Movement
Led by Diana Quinones Rivera & Timothy David Rey
Level: Open
Through the art of the guided Participatory Walk, attendees will explore creatively moving through indoor and outdoor spaces ‘in transition’– exploring a deeper meaning of the terms: limits, expanses, capacity, margins, leeway and creative play.  This walk will run approximately 90 minutes including a post-walk discussion.